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"Ways out of international market liberalism"

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Fritz C. Holte: Ways out of international market liberalism

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Dear reader.

The book is today only published in this way.

29.04.07: This is the forth version of the book. Appendix E is changed in this version.

21.11.06: This is the third version of the book. There are some important differences between this version and the second version. Information about these differences are given here .

Introduction: Introduction (pdf)

A note to potential readers of the book
If you have not yet decided whether you want to read it, I suggest that you do the following to get an impression of it: read the introduction and then skim through Chapter 10.

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 (pdf)

The book contains an account and a discussion of alternatives to international market liberalism. You may find more about the contents in the file called "Introduction". If you want to read at least part of the book, I suggest that you start by reading this file. After that you can take a look at Chapter 8. Even if you have not read the first seven chapters, you will probably understand most of that chapter.

Each chapter consists of numbered sections. I have tried to make the book easier to read by making each numbered section stand on its own feet in this sense: it is not necessary to read other sections in order to understand that section. In this way I have made it possible to read much of the book in bits and digest each bit before reading more.

The version of the book you find on the web page now, I call "Version no. 3". If I find that something in the book ought to be changed, I will replace this version with a new versions.

I welcome suggestions for improvements of the book!

If you read the book or parts of it and find that it contain ideas that ought to be known, I would of course be pleased if you recommend it to others.

Sincerely yours
Fritz C. Holte

Adress: Ostliveien 14, N-1415 Oppegaard

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